State #32 Florida Stop 7 of ?

We made it to Collier-Seminole State Park in South Naples. We went from nothing but gators and birds to affluent houses and stores. Just depends on whether you turn left or right out of the park. We are at site 78. I wouldn’t recommend getting site 77 to the right of us. It has a... Continue Reading →

State #32 Florida Stop 6 of ?

We made it back to John Pennekamp State Park. The weather, although, hot and sunny was too windy for snorkeling. Trev spoke to the dive shop. They were only doing mangrove tours (no trips to the reef) and they would probably cancel the afternoon trips. The dive shop said it looked like the same forecast... Continue Reading →

State #32 Florida Stop 5 of ?

There’s only one way to get to Key West if you’re driving. It’s the 113-mile Overseas Hwy with 42 bridges; one being seven miles long. You drive from key to key. And if you’re wondering what’s the difference between a key and an island, you’re in luck. We learned the difference so I’ll pass that... Continue Reading →

State #32 Florida Stop 4 of ?

🎶We had it allJust like Bogie and BacallStarring in our own late, late showSailing away to Key Largo Here’s lookin at you kidMissing all the things we didWe can find it once again, I knowJust like they did in Key Largo🎶 Those lyrics to Bertie Higgins 1981 hit Key Largo have been playing in my... Continue Reading →

State #32 Florida Stop #3 of ?

The whole family has been excited about the Everglades. The big cypress trees and the mangroves blocking out the sun with just moments where the canopy opens and you get a glimpse of sunshine. The dark damp swamp. Gators lurking around at every corner to eat you. So exciting. Our first stop was to Everglades... Continue Reading →

Oops! I Did It Again

I told you there would be plenty of opportunity for screw ups. I made two back to back. Our next stop is the closest to dry camping that we’ve ever done so far. It has electricity but no sewer or water. We’ve never been anywhere without water. That means this is our first time using... Continue Reading →

State #32 Florida Stop 2 of ?

My boys favorite place in Florida - Winter Haven. Now those of you that know your Florida geography are going to say - Wait! Hold up! You can’t go to Florida and skip Orlando and Disney World! Well, all I can say is been there, done that, we’re good. Now you Disney lovers, no need... Continue Reading →

State #32 Florida Stop 1 of ?

Ok, since we are in the camper we are moving at a snail’s pace compared to the first leg of this journey when we were in hotels. That being the case, Florida is going to be broken up by stops. Hopefully, that will keep the post from being really long. I know you get bored... Continue Reading →

State #31 Georgia…Our Home State

So I might be a bit partial but we love our home state of Georgia. It has beautiful mountains, the big city of Atlanta, professional soccer, basketball, baseball, and football teams, some good ole SEC college football (GO DAWGS!), an international airport, swamps, a very mini Grand Canyon, lakes, coastal plains, an amazing aquarium and... Continue Reading →

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