State #33 Mississippi

Or how us rednecks learned to spell it - M-I-crooked letter-crooked letter-I-crooked letter-crooked letter-I-humpback-humpback-I. Don’t ask me. That’s just how Trev and I were both taught to remember how to spell it (and we grew up in different counties). I shared that little fun fact with the boys and they looked at me like I... Continue Reading →

Half Way Home

We are headed home to store the camper and head out west. This will be the last time we will be home until the trip’s over. But we can’t not stop somewhere, right? Where’s the adventure in that? After another long travel day, we stayed at FDR State Park in Pine Mountain. It was raining... Continue Reading →

State #32 Florida Stop 9 of 9

Yep, this is it, our last stop in Florida. It’s kind of weird. This is the longest we’ve stayed in any state since we started this trip. Things will pick up after we drop off the camper. But it was a great experience to try a different style of travel. I really think it helped... Continue Reading →

State #32 Florida Stop 8 of ?

We left Naples and headed north to Bradenton for an overnight stop at Lake Manatee State Park. The weather was rainy and since we were just there for the night we didn’t even unhook from the truck. That meant there wasn’t much to setting up the camper other than plugging in the power. I really... Continue Reading →

State #32 Florida Stop 7 of ?

We made it to Collier-Seminole State Park in South Naples. We went from nothing but gators and birds to affluent houses and stores. Just depends on whether you turn left or right out of the park. We are at site 78. I wouldn’t recommend getting site 77 to the right of us. It has a... Continue Reading →

State #32 Florida Stop 6 of ?

We made it back to John Pennekamp State Park. The weather, although, hot and sunny was too windy for snorkeling. Trev spoke to the dive shop. They were only doing mangrove tours (no trips to the reef) and they would probably cancel the afternoon trips. The dive shop said it looked like the same forecast... Continue Reading →

State #32 Florida Stop 5 of ?

There’s only one way to get to Key West if you’re driving. It’s the 113-mile Overseas Hwy with 42 bridges; one being seven miles long. You drive from key to key. And if you’re wondering what’s the difference between a key and an island, you’re in luck. We learned the difference so I’ll pass that... Continue Reading →

State #32 Florida Stop 4 of ?

🎶We had it allJust like Bogie and BacallStarring in our own late, late showSailing away to Key Largo Here’s lookin at you kidMissing all the things we didWe can find it once again, I knowJust like they did in Key Largo🎶 Those lyrics to Bertie Higgins 1981 hit Key Largo have been playing in my... Continue Reading →

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