Did You Miss Us?

Well, we have been home for a few weeks now. As much as we love seeing friends and family, we are all ready to get back out on the road. I have kind of felt like a rat in a cage. We are not really home. The boys don’t have school to get ready to... Continue Reading →

Home..but for only a month

Well, after 80 days on the road, visiting 30 states, Canada twice, driving almost 10,000 miles, and only cracking a windshield, we made it back to our home...our real home. As nice as it is to be home and be in our own beds, we are all ready to get back out on the road.... Continue Reading →

Our Happy Place

I don't know why but our whole family loves Pigeon Forge, TN. More specifically, Dollywood. We love it. But before we got to Dollywood, we stayed at Wilderness at the Smokies. They were running a Groupon special so we got our room, access to the waterpark, and two all stay adventure passes. Pretty sweet deal.... Continue Reading →

State #30 South Carolina

I know South Carolina has more to it than beaches, fishing, and golf but why fight a good thing. Our first stop - Myrtle Beach. Ok, so the hurricanes have moved out, kids are back in school, no crowds, and the weather is still in the high 80s to low 90s. Do you know what... Continue Reading →

State #29 North Carolina

Well, we are getting closer to home. We are now traveling through states that touch our home state of Georgia. What's cool about this trip is, for example, even though North Carolina is right next door, there are tons of places to still explore. I've never been to the Outer Banks so we decided to... Continue Reading →

State #28 Virginia

That's right, Virginia is for lovers or at least that's what the state's motto says. It's the middle to late September and it's still 90 degrees. I'm usually in my fall clothes by now. I'm not complaining by no means. I love it. The rest of my crew would like it a little cooler as... Continue Reading →

State #27 West Virginia

West Virginia, mountain momma, take me home, country roads. This John Denver song has become our traveling song. We first played it last summer on our road trip to Pennsylvania to a Gettysburg Civil War Reenactment. Driving through the Shenandoah Valley, the lyrics popped in my head and once Tucker heard it, it plays in... Continue Reading →

Washington DC

No trip around the United States could be complete without a stop in our nation's capital. So if you've never been to DC, let me help you out a little. One, hotels are expensive. We stayed just outside the city in Arlington at half the price; HALF. Two, parking is tough. We rode the metro... Continue Reading →

State #26 Maryland

Crabs and horses, you say? Yep! Maryland produces the most blue crabs in the United States. Blue crab isn't my favorite eats but they sure are pretty. You may or may not know that Assateague Island is home to around 200-250 wild horses. The island is split between Maryland and Virginia. We visited the Maryland... Continue Reading →

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