State 1 – Bama Bound

We left around mid morning and saw a bear crossing the road not long after getting on the road. Trev told the boys, that was a sign of all the cool things we’re going to see.

Just left the house and saw this guy crossing the road.

We’re headed to Huntsville, AL. The US Space and Rocket Center is listed as the #1 Tourist Attraction in Alabama. It worked out that we will be out there during the 50th Anniversary of the 1st Moon Landing celebration. Fun and educational stuff all rolled into one. Win-win.

Just a little history lesson, Saturn V launched on July 16, 1969 with the Apollo 11 crew consisting of Neil Armstrong, Micheal Collins, and Buzz Aldrin. The Lunar Module Eagle landed on the moon on July 20th and the crew returned to Earth on July 24th.

We always try to find a rest area or park to have a picnic for lunch. Gives us a break from the car and a chance for the boys to run around.

Goofy kids

Ironically, this is the sign at the park we stopped at a couple hours later in Mentone, AL.

Our plan is to eat breakfast at the hotel, picnic for lunch, and eat out at dinner. Trev and I plan on sharing. We’re hoping this helps keep costs down and our waistlines from getting any bigger. We’ll see how long before we get burnt out on this. The boys are also excited about “working out” in the fitness room in the morning. I see this trip being full of changing plans.

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