State #10 Iowa

We’ve been criss crossing the Missouri River for days now. Leaving Nebraska and crossing back over the Missouri River, we saw more of the flooding that I mentioned in the Kansas post. These are fields not lakes. It’s crazy that it still looks that way and it’s been since March.

We ate at Jim’s Burgers, which is known for it’s great authentic tacos. I’m still scratching my head about that one. Anyway, from the supposed Apple Capital of Nebraska (I forgot to mention that the lady working at the apple orchard didn’t know she was in the apple capital so I’m not sure how reliable that information was) to the legit recognized by Congress, Ice Cream Capital of the World – Le Mars, Iowa. How could we not go, right?

You know how Athens has all the painted bulldogs around town? Well, in these parts, you’ll find painted ice cream cones and ice cream cone shaped trash cans, etc. Fun.

I know this post is short but I kind of got behind posting. We have been moving through about a state a day. It’s really fast but we have lots of states of visit and only so many days to do so. We will start slowing down before long. Right now, we are doing pretty good. The boys have been great. We’ve expected a lot from them with this kind of travel and they’re handling it pretty well. I know you see all the smiling pictures but what you don’t see is the boys fighting with each other over this or that or pictures of Tucker pitching a fit and being disciplined. I mean, really, no one wants to see that, but those things happen just as they would happen if we were at home. Trev and I have been short with each other at times but we are family and we love each other dearly so you take the good with the bad and, if you’re us, you keep driving on.

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