Twice Upon a Time in New Hampshire

We had just a couple stops to make on the New Hampshire coast. It made way more sense to catch those now when we actually had the coast along the route.

We toured inside the historic USS Albacore submarine. The submarine has an interesting history and the story of how they got the sub where it sits today is as well. It was the first torpedo shaped sub like we have now but it was still diesel electric unlike the nuclear subs of today and it was used to test new changes. The tour is self guided but it has audio buttons in each area you can press when you’re ready. The audio messages talk about the function of each station along with antidotes from former crewmen.

You get to touch stuff! The living quarters are so small; some beds barely fit Tuck. Trev had a hard time moving around onboard in some areas. You definitely need to watch your head. All the technology and engineering that goes into making stuff like this blows my mind.

After the submarine, we headed over to Odiorne State Park to the Seacoast Science Center. It’s a hands on science center for kids. You have to pay to get into the park and then pay to get in the Center so we made sure and stayed awhile. We went to the Science Center first and the kids put together a dolphin skeleton using real dolphin bones, watched the seahorses get fed and listened to the seahorse talk, looked around at the small exhibits of marine life, stuck their hands in a touch tank, and watched a couple short videos about humpback whales. Then we left the center, had lunch, played on the playground, and then back to the Center for an outdoor naturalist talk and walk.

During the tour, we slipped off to go tidal pooling. The boys love looking for crabs, snails, mussels, shells, etc.

Afterwards, we ran by Walmart and grabbed some stuff then we got our oil changed. Next we headed to a state so rich in history that it’s revolutionary.

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