Oops! I Did It Again

I told you there would be plenty of opportunity for screw ups. I made two back to back.

Our next stop is the closest to dry camping that we’ve ever done so far. It has electricity but no sewer or water. We’ve never been anywhere without water. That means this is our first time using our freshwater tanks. We are going to be there a few days and there’s nothing around that area for about an hour. I wanted to try to make it easier on myself so before we left the Cypress Campground, I got a bunch of groceries and cooked dinners so I wouldn’t have a lot of dishes. I somehow managed to get a weeks worth of cooked dinners all in the fridge with the rest of the food. So far so good!

At our overnight stop at South Bay the next morning I realized that I forgot to turn the fridge on. Yes, the one packed full of food. All my prepared meals. All that money on groceries. Uuggghh. So frustrating.

I was setting up the camper and the boys were wanting me to go look at the gator so I was trying to get it done. I walked into the camper to turn on the water heater and fridge like I always do and I turned on the water heater and then I guess I got sidetracked and walked back out; never turning on the fridge. What makes all this worse is I had several clues pointing to this mistake. One glaring clue was the fact my fridge light didn’t come on. Light doesn’t come on and I didn’t even think to check the power. In my head I just figured the light blew or that with all the food in there it probably but jarred it loose or something. Then that evening I noticed the fridge wasn’t as cold but I just figured with it packed so full that maybe the cold air wasn’t able to circulate like usual. Again, never even thought to check the power.

It wasn’t until breakfast the next morning when I got my frozen blueberries out of the freezer did I realize something was up. They looked a little thawed. I can’t stand to touch frozen blueberries when they’re not real good and frozen. They turn your fingers purple and you have to make sure they don’t stain the counters if you drop one.

At that moment it hit me like a ton of bricks! The light, the air, the thawed blueberries. It all made sense. I looked over at the fridge and sure enough it wasn’t even turned on. Talk about a pit in my stomach!

Luckily, it was cold enough in there to save most of the groceries. I lost some milk but I think the rest will be okay. We had the barbecue chicken tonight so we’ll see if we all wake up sick in the morning.

Today was a travel day but we actually stopped for a little fun this afternoon (and thankfully we were able to fit in the parking lot). After our activities, I got into the camper to make lunch. This was the first time I had gotten into the camper on a travel day like that. I made sure I shut all the cabinets back and locked all the doors. We had a tight fit in making a turn leaving the parking lot but we made it. Trev has been doing a great job. Once we pulled out onto the highway, Trev looked over at me after checking his side mirror and let me know I had forgotten to fold in the large grab handle by the door. We had to pull over so I could close it. It was a miracle it didn’t scratch or dent any of the cars in the parking lot. I should have taken a picture so you could see what I was talking about but in the moment on the side of the road I just wanted to fold the handle in and get back in the truck quick.

I tell you these things so when you look at the blog pictures or our Instagram account and see smiling faces all the time, you are reminded that that those pictures are just moments in time. We do dumb stuff, we get mad, we pitch fits, and we’re unkind with our words. But luckily these are just sometimes and we love each other and forgive each other. Being a family can be messy, irritating, wonderful, and amazing all rolled into one big ball. So I guess the best thing to do is just roll with it.

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  1. Bless you, sweet Holly, for being so authentic and real. Yes, life is messy and we don’t always behave the way we ought, but praise God for giving His grace. Love you ❤️


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