Half Way Home

We are headed home to store the camper and head out west. This will be the last time we will be home until the trip’s over.

But we can’t not stop somewhere, right? Where’s the adventure in that? After another long travel day, we stayed at FDR State Park in Pine Mountain.

It was raining so I didn’t get any pictures of the camper or our campsite. But just so you know, after being in Florida and South Georgia, this campground was hilly and tight. I guess we just weren’t expecting the mountain in Pine Mountain after everything so far being so flat. The campground was having bingo and marshmallows that evening. Say no more. We are there.

Mason had a lucky bingo card. The child made out like a bandit. Everyone ended up winning at some point but he won a lot. I wish I had taken a picture of the loot we got from the prize table – word searches, keychains, puzzles, etc . We had a ball. Not complaining but we got to quit winning stuff. The camper’s full already.

The next morning we got up and headed over to Roosevelt’s Little White House in neighboring Warm Springs. It was his private retreat where he would come and visit the 80 degree warm springs as therapy for his polio.

Both boys did the ranger program. We toured the museum before heading over to the house. We stood in the living room where President Roosevelt had his massive stroke and the bedroom where he later passed away.

The way he designed the hand controls so he could drive a car and designed his wheelchair to be more accommodating to his lifestyle was fascinating.

We planned on going to Callaway Gardens. It’s the reason we booked this state park. However, it was raining and I didn’t see paying the money to not fully enjoy it. It’s a beautiful place with lots to do and they have a Fantasy of Lights display during this time of year but it’s a place better explored in dry weather, in my opinion. It’s a great place to bike. And if your kids are too little for biking around, they rent golf carts. I did that when the boys were little and it was great. They enjoyed not being strapped in a car seat and it made it much easier to get in and out at stops like at the Victory Garden, Chapel, and Butterfly House.

Did I mention our HVAC system stopped working back at the house? No? Well it did, about a week ago. Pair the fear of pipes busting at home with being rained out of Callaway and you get a decision to leave FDR State Park early and come on home. The HVAC guy was able to get out there the day after we got home and fix the motherboard on our unit to get us up and running. Meanwhile we worked on cleaning out the camper and packing for the next leg of the trip.

Time to head west.

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  1. Sounds like you’re having an incredible trip. I am a little surprised that you have decided to ditch the camper for the rest of your trip … I thought you were planning to use the camper for the second half of your trip. Have you posted about why you changed your plans?


    1. Trevor never really wanted to go in the camper in the first place. It was really to appease me that we even took it to FL. But after being in the camper he realized he liked it. He doesn’t like it for taking up to a campground and just hanging out for a weekend but to use it the way we did actually traveling around he enjoyed. He liked our our stuff being in one place and cooking in the camper was great. We ate better and felt better. The kids loved it. He finally understood what I meant about camping is different; a good different. So he seriously considered continuing in it but the biggest reason for ditching it is time. We have to finish this trip before the next school year starts and even though we are over half way done state number wise, we have a lot of miles to cover with those remaining states. The states out west are bigger and our stops are more spread out. He doesn’t feel like we could cover enough ground in the camper. We don’t travel as many miles a day in the camper. Then you add the weather and the fact that there will be several times (three separate times that I’m aware of at this moment) when we would need to leave the camper unattended for long stretches like Hawaii. We obviously have to fly so we would have to leave the camper parked unattended for days. So back to hotels. Who knows maybe he’ll miss it and we’ll come back and pick it up again. Doubt it but there’s always a chance. 🙂

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      1. Sounds like you have really thought this through and you have a great plan! At least you have the camper for future journeys when you want it! 🙂


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