Come Sail Away, Come Sail Away With Me

We booked a cruise to Mexico leaving from the Port of New Orleans. This had to be the easiest ship we’ve embarked and disembarked from…ever. So smooth. Much faster than any Florida port and we’ve sailed out of Tampa, Port Canaveral, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami.

All our clothes had to be repacked to fit our clothes for the week in one suitcase. That meant a suitcase had to be emptied so I could pack it with cruise clothes and then had to fit the clothes from that suitcase into another one. No worries, I got this.

I don’t have lots of pictures. We really just chilled. The boys enjoyed Camp. Tuck especially enjoyed the interaction with other kiddos. Here he is doing his thing during Just Dance. It’s kind of fuzzy because I was trying to zoom in so he wouldn’t see me and stop dancing.

We booked this cruise as a way to mark Mexico off our list. Well, that backfired. Now a port (Cozumel/Puerta Maya) and a beach are what Tuck thinks of when he thinks of Mexico. We will have to fix that somehow. Not really a totally accurate picture.

We had a wonderful time – little ping pong and putt-putt…

A little camp family bingo and did I mention soft serve? Tuck’s facial expressions crack me up.

Mason came to dinners with us so he could eat the grown up food. He likes to order the frog legs, braised ox tongue, rabbit, mahi mahi, etc. He’s eating his rosemary lamb in the picture below. Tuck stuck with Camp chicken nugget type dinners with his “friends.” But he did eat with us the first night because Camp didn’t have dinner and the second night since it was my birthday.

I usually get really bad seasick and I use a prescription patch for the motion sickness. But it gives me the worst dry mouth and it messes with my sinuses. I’ve been doing better lately so I thought I would give it a go without the patch and just use Draminie if I got to feeling really bad. Since we cruised out on the Mississippi River it was quite smooth. We had pretty good weather and I only had to take my pills one evening and that was it. It was so great. I could feel the movement and I would get that quick ick feeling in my stomach and then it would pass. So wonderful!

The boys had a good time snorkeling in Cozumel and playing at Aquriuam Beach. It was just a ten minute or so cab ride to get to the beach.

Mason of course wanted to hold the macaw and iguana.

The guy told us it was $15 for the cab for the four of us and $20 for the beach. That was cheaper than Paradise beach where we were originally heading. We heard the snorkeling was better at Aquarium. Well, when we got to Aquarium, it was $20 a PERSON not total like the cab ride. Not happening. I honestly don’t think he was lying to us. I think we just got confused when he quoted us a total for one and a per person price on the other. If you know Trev, everything is up for negotiating and wound up getting the kids for free so it costs us $40 for the four of us instead of $80.

A couple vendors came around to sell things when we first got there and but then they left us alone until we were packing up. I get it, they’re just trying to make a living. Luckily, they were friendly and not real pushy.

We decided to stay on the boat in Progreso since it was a good little boat or car ride to get to anything. I didn’t want to push my luck on getting sick.

Later on Trev got to talking to another guy that was there at Aquarium and he said his family had been to both beaches and that Paradise was nicer than Aquarium but he didn’t know about the snorkel at Paradise. The snorkel at Aquarium was entertaining enough for the boys and it was really shallow a good ways out. That guy also said Progreso was better than Cozumel. Oh well.

The boys had a great time and I’m pretty sure they ate their weight in soft serve ice cream cones.

The only stinky thing is the last night of the cruise after Mason comes back from Camp he says his head hurts and sure enough he had a fever. Tuck had mentioned that a little boy was sick laying down on the floor at camp but was told he was seasick. The next day Mason gets a fever. Huuuummmm????

Anyway, we disembarked and headed for our next state that you don’t mess with.

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  1. What a nice change of pace. I honestly think you should make a bucket list of all of the different types of places you can stay overnight during your trip! lol! I mean you’ve done hotels, cruise ships, campers … maybe take an overnight train ride or maybe a few unique airbnbs?


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