Our Maiden Voyage In The Camper

We knew we needed to actually camp in the camper before our trip to get a feel for camper living. But I didn’t want Trev to decide to sell the camper on our first trip. So for our first trip, our trial run, we eased into it and went up to Mountain Lakes in Cleveland, GA with Uncle Ronnie and Joan (veteran campers). Mountain Lakes has full hookups, which is a big deal. This means they have water, electric, cable, and sewer hookup right at your site. YIPEEE!

For those of you who don’t camp, let me digress for a moment and give you a quick lesson. There are three general types of campsites: 1- full hookups (water, electric, cable sometimes, and the all important sewer, 2- standard water and electric, and 3- dry camping/boon docking where you have no hook ups at all. Anytime you use the potty, that “stuff” goes into your black tank. When you use the sinks or shower, that water goes into your grey tanks. When those tanks get full they have to be dumped. You don’t want that stuff coming back up into the camper. Trust me. If the site doesn’t have full hook ups, then you have to unhook the camper, hitch it back to the truck, and head to a dump station, then come unhitch and hook back up. They do make portable tanks that you can dump your stuff into those and take the mobile tank to the dump station. The point here is, you have to be much more careful about your water use when you don’t have full hook ups.

At Mountain Lakes, we have full hookups, pool, water slide, putt putt, playground, recreation center, lake for fishing, and DJ’s Diner. So it is pretty easy camping. It’s a resort not really roughing it. But I thought it would be a good way to easy Trev into camper living. Plus Ronnie and Joan where there to offer advice and help if we needed it. Thanks so much you guys. 🙂

All went well the first day; hitching, hooking up, etc. Minimal issues. Issue 1 – You know how I mentioned earlier about being careful about water, well the boys put that issue to the test. They washed their hands one evening before dinner and forgot to turn the faucet all the way off. After dinner, while I was cleaning up I heard something. Upon investigation, I found the running water. It had been running all through dinner and during clean up. The A/C in the camper is loud and we didn’t hear the water running until the A/C kicked off. It filled our grey water tank so the dish water wouldn’t drain. Luckily, since it was full hookups, I just opened the value and let the water out. Thankfully, we caught it before it flooded the bathroom. Crisis averted.

Issue 2- The boys are in charge of packing their own overnight bags. I tell them how many outfits to to pack but they actually pack their bags. Usually, they do a pretty good job but while we were getting ready for bed, we realized the boys, both of them, had forgotten to pack their pajamas. No big deal. They would just sleep in their underwear.

Then it happened. Around 1am, yes 1 o’clock in the morning, the tornado sirens started going off at the campground. We leap out of bed and wake the kids. It’s amazing how they can sleep through stuff like that. I had hung a bag off the bathroom doorknob that had their dirty clothes in it. So I threw out some clothes for them to put on and they went with Trev running out of the camper in the pouring rain to the bathhouse for safety. (In most campgrounds, the bathhouse is the safety shelter). So I was last to leave the camper. As I look ahead and I see my boys running, I notice Mason only has on underwear no shorts. I catch up to them about the time we hit the men’s room. (The ladies room was already full of people). When we open the door to the bathroom and I’m talking to Mason about only having on his underwear, a teenage boy pops his head out from behind the concrete divider walls and exclaims that he, too, only has his underwear on. Hahaha. Apparently, when I was throwing clothes out I threw two pairs of Tucker’s shorts and none for Mason. Instead of him telling me, he just ran out the door with what he on. Poor fella. Who could blame him? You’re jolted out of bed, it’s the middle of the night, mom’s flinging clothes at you, the storm is raging, and dad’s telling you to come on. It was a bit much. Once the kids were safe inside the bathhouse, I ran back to the camper to get Mason some shorts and Tucker a towel to cover up with since he was cold from being wet.

This is how we spent the next hour, standing next to a urinal. We went back to the camper a little after 2am and tried to sleep through the last of the storm. But we survived and all was well. No tornado touched down in our area and all the campers were okay.

The rest of the trip went great.

A little homemade ice cream and bingo with Ronnie and Joan.

Mason liked the fishing and Tucker liked the critters.

All that was left, was to teach the boys about the camper.

The maiden voyage was a success!

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  1. Mountain Lakes!!!!! That is where Robbie and I went for our honeymoon! Robbies’s parents had membership and we would stay in the cabins there!


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