Survived the storm and had a fun packed day!!

Well as I lay here writing this we are under another severe thunderstorm warning and constantly watching the radar, but we are riding this one out in the camper. Hope it’s not a bad decision. Today was great. A little tired from the rough night and finishing up the Rite Aid job the day before but the day was fun. Mountain Lakes put on a small fishing tournament for the kids and Mason tied for the most fish caught and took home the award for smallest fish 😜. Hotdogs, putt-putt, swimming, a nap, supper at DJ’s, bingo, ice cream, playground, and catching fireflies rounded out the day.

I love my wife, she is hands down the superstar of this family. Her organization and planning make this family run as smooth as it does and allows me and the boys to have so much fun; mix in being extremely smoking hot and she is the total package.

Well hopefully we will survive this storm unharmed and we will continue the adventure tomorrow.

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