Camping Test #2

Here we are at Fort Mountain! The second test of our new camper. Hauled good up the mountain, truck got a little hot but it’s time for an oil change and I’m hoping that the coolant and fluids just need to be renewed. Will just keep an eye on this. We enjoy Fort Mountain, under an hour from the house, lake for fishing with a beach for swimming, multiple trails with killer views, playground, putt-putt (fee), kayak and paddle boat rentals, and pavilions available. Really great place! Reserved site #56 and so far it’s been a good pick. Sits up a little higher so no one is looking down on us, a very short walk up a path to the bathhouse but not on the same road as the bathhouse, so we don’t have the traffic and noise that sometimes comes with being that close to amenities. Our 21BHE is operating great, we are still trying to figure out how to function in the small space with the 4 of us. No slide and no separate bedrooms are two huge concerns that we are still trying to decide if we are going to be able to overcome. We shall see!! As for now, Holly is doing an incredible job of keeping this tiny space organized and clean. The adventure continues!

I love my men.

There is just something about boys and campfires.

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