Blast off!!!

Huntsville, AL….Rocket City, USA… I now know why it got that name. The US Space and Rocket Center is a must stop. I’m so impressed by this place. We lucked up and visited during the 50th anniversary celebration of the Apollo 11 moon landing which happened on July 20th 1969. The vision and intelligence of all the members of the NASA program that made that moment possible just blows my mind.

They have a full size replica of the Saturn V Rocket that propelled all the Apollo missions. That sucker is huge!! It’s pretty much just a large gas tank with some engines on one end and a little capsule for people on the other. It was very informative as well as a big dose of good ole American spirit 🇺🇸

I’d love for the boys to be able to come to Space Camp one time. That program looks incredible.

We spent most of the day here (9-2:30) and then continued on our journey. Everyone is doing well so far. Had a few testy moments from just about all of us at some point during the day, but not too bad. Hopefully we can all get some good rest tonight and be ready to hit it hard again tomorrow.

P.S. Holly and I still like each other, so that’s good. 😜

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