Huntsville, AL

The morning actually began with us going to the fitness center. Trust me, I was shocked too. Mason was in charge of leading our warm up with his Jiu-Jitsu exercises. I had to tell him to slow down. I’m out of shape and couldn’t keep up. I don’t know why I tell you these embarrassing things. Keeping it real, I guess. You…are…welcome. Thankfully, some of the equipment wasn’t working so we didn’t work out too long.

After breakfast we loaded up and headed over to the US Space and Rocket Center.

We had a great time. Some of the stuff was over Tuck’s head and he got a little bored and frustrated at times; but, gracious, a lot of it was over mine too. It blows my mind to think about the math, science, ingenuity, and imagination that goes into these kinds of projects.

We had an amazing volunteer explain how the Saturn V operated, in layman terms, of course, and how the rocket stages work and separate, and how the crew made it back to earth. Absolutely amazing! Then we went and saw the full scale replica and I was dumbfounded. I’m still in awe thinking about it.

The men in front of a replica Eagle lunar module.

Us in front of the Saturn V.

We spent most of the day there. Before we went in, I had asked the boys if they might be interested in Space Camp and they said no but after seeing some of the things they did; they both would like to come back and do robotics camp. They have all kinds of camps; even an aquatics advanced camp for older kids. Right up, my water boys’ alley. Most the staff and volunteers were super friendly and knowledgeable. I would recommend this place to families.

My little monkey beside the headstone of Miss Baker. Not if that’s cute or disrespectful.

After a full day there, we loaded up and headed to State #2. What’s your guess as to where we went? Which direction would you go?

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