State #5 Indiana

So I thought about calling this post The Day Dad ignored Google or The Day Trevor Navigated, but in the end I stuck with my boring state count title so I don’t lose track of how many states we’ve visited.

I’m finding that when you move around this much: days, hotels, and time zones all start blending together. I’m constantly having to look at my phone to see what day of the week it is and when I leave the room I have to mentally strain to remember if in this hotel the elevator is on the left or right when you leave the room. Though, I’m not complaining. The trip is amazing and I’m extremely blessed. Just letting you know some of the crazy that goes along with this kind of travel.

I have all these great thoughts about what to write while we are out and about but by the time we get to the hotel, my mind has long since forgotten the wonderful musings of the day and you’re stuck with…well…this.

Today we traveled through Indiana. Like Kentucky, Indiana is in both central and eastern time zones depending on where you are and given that we are traveling west, we ran through both.

The plan was to stay south through rural southern Indiana and visit Hoosier National Forest. As we didn’t have a specific place in the forest we wanted to visit, it was a bit easier said than done. Usually, Trevor drives and I navigate. But today I was helping the boys with school work so Trev decided it would be easier if he navigated so I could focus on the kiddos. Whammy #1. First off we decided to take backroads. Trev wanted to take Hwy 50, which on the map shows goes right through the forest. Google Maps, however, did not want us going that way. Trev put several different locations in and none would take him 50. So he just decided to go 50 anyway. Whammy #2. Well, Hwy 50 had some road construction for MILES and MILES.

No wonder Google said no and most everyone else listened to Google.

After the construction cleared, it really was a nice drive. We got to see lots of farmland. I, jokingly, told my friend Alicia, that we were in the middle of nowhere Indiana. But after I sent her that text, I felt bad. It really wasn’t nowhere. Every place is somewhere. And this was hardworking America. The Midwest. Though the parts we went through felt old-school to me.

Rural. Not a lot of big chain grocery stores or retail stores. It was dotted with more mom and pop kind of places with the occasional Family Dollar and Big Lots. I don’t mean that snarky in any way. Small business is the back bone of this country. I felt proud to be an American thinking about the hard working men and women running businesses, farms, and families.

The blue line showed we would hit the forest any minute but there were no signs denoting the park, no Welcome to Hoosier National Forest, nothing. When we arrived at our supposed destination all we saw were some houses and the road. So Trev looked on the map and decided we should follow this road. Then somehow we got off that road and had to work our way back to the road we were on. Then we ended up on a dirt road going through the middle of a log yard. The kids and I were giving him a hard time but Trev, loving an adventure, was happy and glad we had a full tank of gas.

I finally pulled up directions to a picnic area inside the park and it worked wonderfully.

The Indian-Celina Lake Recreation Area was exactly as described; tranquil. It was also not busy as it is really just a couple of boat ramps with a campground in between but there were only a few campers. It had one of the cleanest bathhouses I had ever seen. Small but clean. I give it two thumbs up. After we drove by the bathhouse and the couple of campers, we headed over to the Celina Lake boat ramp area to find the picnic tables.

We were the only ones there. So we had lunch and then the boys saw a bunch of little blue gills and wanted to fish. We didn’t have room to pack fishing rods but that didn’t stop those two.

They immediately set out looking for a stick and some old fishing line along the shore line and, to their delight, they found some. Mason was in charge of making the pole. Tuck didn’t have the patience to wait so he decided to use his hands. Mason tied a little stick to the end of the line to hold his loaf bread bait. After many failed attempts Mason gave up the pole and resorted to Tuck’s grab method.

Neither method produced results but the boys had a great time trying.

After lunch, we decided to finish our drive through Indiana via the good ole interstate system. Along the way, we saw a sign for the Abraham Lincoln Boyhood Museum and decided to check it out.

The boys completed the Jr. Ranger program and received their badges.

The museum has a living historical farm.

So the boys saw ladies preforming daily household chores,

a gentlemen making pegs for the fence,

saw and felt different animal skins,

got to see a period style cabin, and even got to climb the ladder to see where the boys would have slept back in that time.

Pretty interesting.

Close to the memorial, we saw a sign for Santa Claus so we had to drive out and get a picture.

When we started this trip, I started playing a song about each state as we crossed the state lines. I’ve used different genres of music but Tucker has liked Going Back to Indiana by the Jackson Five the best so far. He’ll just bust out into song in the backseat. Love it!

In case you want a glimpse into my glamorous life, here you go…

This is how the men in my life walked into and through the hotel. Yep, wearing each others’ swim trucks on their heads. Why? Who in the world knows. I’ve just learned to roll with it.

Now there’s nothing left to do but get up and drive west to Illinois.

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  1. This day sounds like it had the perfect ending – driving through the Heartland, getting lost, hanging out in a beautiful park and splashing in a pond, and wearing swim trunk on your heads! Love it!!!


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