State #6 Illinois

When I think of southern Illinois I think of farmland. Corn and soybean. BIG flat farms that go on for miles.

Driving down the interstate that’s really all you see. Our hotel was surrounded right up to the parking lot by soybeans to the front and rear and corn on the side.

I just can’t get over the shear size of these fields and the effort and machinery it must take to harvest it all. It’s remarkable.

We visited the Abraham Lincoln Musuem. There’s a lot of love for Lincoln in these parts.

Historic Union Station in the background.

The museum was a good reminder that history isn’t all that you learn in school. There is so much more to it. Because, although, we learned the romanticized version of this great man; it was still his life and he faced the same dramas, gossip, and backbiting as is common to us all, just on a national scale. The Emancipation Proclamation was too conservative for some and too liberal for others. I started to cry as I read about how Mary Todd Lincoln had to bury three of her four children and her beloved husband. All the images of war and slavery broke my heart. How sad to think about how we behave and continue to behave today. I am comforted by the fact that I have hope in front of me.

Our intent was to go to the presidential library but it closed at 4:30pm and we showed up at 4:31pm. Bummer. Oh well, c’est la vie.

After the Musuem, we drove out to Lincoln’s Tomb.

Mason with his brother who is, apparently, part pirate. Ha!

Next up is a long travel day across the state of ……

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  1. I didn’t know Mary Todd Lincoln lost 3 out of 4 children! And then to live through all the personal attacks and then the murder of her husband. It’s enough to make anyone snap. I’m learning something new every day through your posts!


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