State #7 Missouri

We drove through a lot of Misssouri. We have been driving across entire states for days now with several others that we will traverse east to west and west to east in the coming days.

Our first stop in Missouri was St. Louis to see the Gateway Arch. You know the one I mean, this one.

It is HUGE! 630 feet tall and 630 feet at the base from leg to leg. You can see it in the background way before you even get into the city.

The park around the Arch is beautiful. It’s surrounded by your typical city on one side the river on the other.

Previously named the Jefferson Westward Expansion Memorial, the Gateway arch is amazing and the museum and vistor center is great. The musuem is free and I would highly, highly recommend it. The museum is very well done and designed so there were things for all of us to enjoy.

Although, the museum is free, we decided to ride the tram to the top, which was extra, but worth it. This little fella was stoked about going to the top!

You get inside this space pod looking thing and ride inside the arch to the top. Just ignore the lady photobombing the shot.

You can see for miles from up there through these long skinny windows.

We didn’t spend lots of time up there but when you’re there how can you not go to the top. I made sure and get a picture of Trevor at the top since he is afraid, I mean not a big fan, of heights.

That way there was proof that he went up. Mason isn’t a fan either and wasn’t excited about going up or getting in on the tram, but he was glad we went.

Kids completed the Jr. Ranger program but the rangers were out of badges. They are supposed to mail them to the boys.

We were able to get a family photo before we left, thanks to a couple of sweet ladies in the park.

We, technically, swung by St Louis on our way to Springfield, IL, the day before, but I thought it would be easier to keep the activities of each state together.

So we actually started our trek across Missouri at Hannibal, as some of you literary fans might know, this is the boyhood home of one Samuel Clemmons, aka Mark Twain. I did not know this but thankfully there was an interstate sign and you know us, we had to check it out.

Turned out to be a fun stop. Mason has read several Mark Twain books and, although I’m not sure he truly gets the brilliance of Mark Twain’s humor, he certainly understands a good story. There are several buildings you visit that are included with your ticket. Tuck just liked running around and being silly since he didn’t know who Twain was but that’s okay. He knows more now than he did.

You start at the Interpretative Center.

The head over to Huckleberry Finn’s house.

See what I mean about silly.

Then over to Twain’s boyhood home.

Mason recognized the image of Tom sneaking out his window to meet Huck to throw a dead cat in the cemetery. Boy, does that kid like to read and remember just about everything he’s read. I wish I could remember what I had for breakfast.

Then there’s Becky Thatcher’s House, the Judge’s office, and another building or two that I can’t recall at the moment. Then two blocks down is the museum.

Cute historic Main Street.

Back on the road to see another icon’s hometown. Walt Disney. The museum wasn’t crowded at all so we felt like we almost had the run of the place. The staff were sweet and friendly. There is TONS of history in this museum centered around Walt and his brother Roy’s lives.

Walt Disney gave the city the Autopia ride from Disneyland. This is one of the actual cars from that ride.

Sorry for the glare on the glass. This is part of the Collector’s Collection so everything is locked up.

Lots of old photographs and letters from the Disney brothers.

This kid has fun wherever he goes.

Next up an unexpected detour.

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  1. Wow!!!! What a great trip! We have drove by the Arch but never stopped. Y’all are brave! I don’t do heights 😬. Love seeing y’all pictures!!!!! Who knew, the Disney museum!!! I didn’t know that was there!


    1. The tram ride is definitely worth it. You’re inside the arch leg so you can’t tell that you’re up high. It’s those random stops like Disney that make a road trip.


  2. Walt Disney and Mark Twain in the same day – it’s like two bookends! The Arch views were stunning! Great photography, Holly!!


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