State #8 Kansas (Oops!)

We hadn’t planned on visiting Kansas yet. It was scheduled for the last leg of our trip on our way home but….things happen. Think back, real hard, to March when that severe snowstorm hit the Pacific Northwest and the heartland in what meteorologist called a cyclone bomb.

I know you’re thinking what does that have to do with a road trip in late July. Well, apparently the flooding in this area was so bad parts of Interstate 29 and some other roads are still being repaired. The road to our exit off Hwy 2 is still closed. The floodwaters still have fields flooded right up to the road in many parts. We had no idea, this area was still dealing with the effects of this storm. All that to say, we had to go out of our way to avoid the closed roads, That meant driving to Kansas then to Nebraska.

Since we spend the night in Hiawatha, KS and drove a couple hours through the state, I am calling it state #8 even though we didn’t make any other stops. We’ll visit this state later so this post is super short.

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