State# 24 Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, to be more exact, the city of brotherly love. Still a big city so Trev’s still not back to himself but he’s feeling better. Philly is cleaner with bigger sidewalks so that helps.

Our hotel was a bit of a ways from the historic district so we did a mix of trains, buses, and Ubers while visiting the city.

Our first stop was the Independence Visitor Center. It has all the information for the National Park stuff and city info. Declaration House is closed so we just got to see the reconstructed home where Thomas Jefferson drafted the Declaration of Independence. Tours of Independence Hall are free but they require a ticket and a security checkpoint. Independence Hall is where the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution were signed. It is a ranger guided tour. Congress Hall was being renovated.

The Liberty Bell, which is across the street, requires no ticket but there is another security check. It’s really cool that you can see history like this so up close. I, honestly, thought it looked fake. It was so dark. I guess I was picturing it to look shiny. Either way, it’s an amazing piece of our history and symbol of our freedom. I asked Trev how long he thought it would take a ranger to tackle me if I reached out to touch it.

Then back to the Visitor Center to finish up their Ranger books. FYI, all the sites in town ran by the NPS are all part of the same site. So it’s just the same one Ranger program whether you go to Independence Hall or Benjamin Franklin Center or wherever.

We walked to Besty Ross’s house and then to Christ Church Burial Ground where Benjamin Franklin, and four other signers of the Declaration of Independence are buried.

Then we walked over to the Benjamin Franklin Museum. This museum is not the normal history museum. It’s more of a hands on children’s museum. The boys both said it was their favorite stop. Then we mailed some postcards to the great grandparents from the Benjamin Franklin Post Office.

After all the history, it was time for something a little more pop cultural. We took a bus to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. If you’re a movie buff, then you know we’re not there for the art.

That’s right. These are the steps Rocky Balboa run during his training for his boxing match. It was hilarious! Everyone was running up the steps and victory jumping at the top. Of course, we have video of the boys running the steps and doing the victory dance. The line to have your picture taken with the Rocky statue was extremely long so we just opted to take the boys picture from the fence.

While we were in Philly we took a day to just chill. No sightseeing, no schoolwork; just rest. And we watched National Treasure, of course.

Where to next? Ware? Ware? Ware?

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