Did You Miss Us?

Well, we have been home for a few weeks now. As much as we love seeing friends and family, we are all ready to get back out on the road.

I have kind of felt like a rat in a cage. We are not really home. The boys don’t have school to get ready to go to each day. There’s no extracurricular activities to go to. I’m trying to be careful about the food we buy. We don’t want a bunch of food left in the fridge when we leave. It’s like you’re home but you’re not.

I haven’t posted in a while because I feel like there hasn’t been anything exciting to write about. Just normal everyday stuff. Our time home has been filled with visiting family, trying to schedule a couple play dates, camping, a wedding, a funeral, haircuts, a birthday party and a couple we had to miss, dental checkups (no cavities-yay!), our anniversary, a hospital visit, and lots of homeschool. The boys have been working really hard and doing great with school. We are ahead of schedule. So if you follow us to hear about the different states we visit, you can stop reading this post about right….here and skip to the very last paragraph.

We took the camper out again with Ronnie and Joan to make sure things like the shower worked since Mountain Lakes has full hookups. Everything checked out. Although, Ronnie and Joan make camping too easy. They did most of the cooking and cleaning. We were pretty spoiled by them. Joan is the type where if you need something while you’re camping more than likely Aunt Joan has it. She has everything in their rig including a bicycle pump, cable end, and an extra water hose extender piece. Uncle Ronnie is your go-to guy for food and getting stuff fixed. I asked them if they would just go with us to Florida. It would be like a vacation…for us at least. They gave me some excuse about having to work. 😉 You two rock!

This trip was pretty drama free except for the fact that Tucker, who knew we would be camping for days, forgot to pack ANY underwear. Not, didn’t pack enough. No. I mean, the kid packed 0, zero, zilch, nada, none! Bless his heart! Hey, if hand-washing his undies each day is my only drama, I think we’re doing ok.

Besides, I couldn’t be too upset with him. He begged to bring his bike and was determined to learned to ride it that weekend. And he did. So proud of my little man.

Mountain Lakes does a Trunk of Treat every year so the boys pulled together some Jedi costumes out of their play clothes and some face paint. Trisha and Colton were able to come too and the kids had a great time.

Of course, any and all visits with Ronnie also involve a trip to see the cows; even if you’re camping.

We were able to attend my nephew, Colton’s, 3rd birthday party. Although, we won’t be able to see our twin niece Zoey and nephew Zavier and our cousin Truett, who will all turn two later this month.

We visited Aunt Trishy (aka Dr. Hulsey) and the good doctor said we were all cavity-free and that Trevor needed to floss more…actually she said he needed to start flossing. The boys are making that face because of the taste of the vitamins she put on their teeth at the end. They were all smiles before and after that.

Like I said, I’m trying not to buy too many groceries so I was trying to make due with what I had in the freezer. Among other things in the freezer, I had a turkey and a pumpkin pie. So on Monday we celebrated Thanksgiving early. There’s no way I’m getting a turkey in my itty-bitty RV oven so if you’re in north Florida on Thanksgiving, you may see us at Cracker Barrel. You’re welcome to join us.

We (my mom, my sister, and me) always make bread in the fall over at my mom’s so we squeezed that in a little early and recruited the boys this year. Then we played some Scrabble with GAB (Great-Aunt Brenda) who we only get to see a few times a year.

The boys and I stuck to our annual Halloween tradition of scary face pancakes at IHOP (except this year IHOP had an Addams Family themed menu so no scary face pancakes). The boys were pretty bummed. Trev was home and got to go this year and the Lowmans joined us for dinner too). Then home to watch Garfield’s Halloween special and It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown while the boys got to eat a bunch of candy without mom saying no. But just for one night. It’s all part of the tradition.

We don’t usually go trick or treating. The boys usually have so much candy from their fall festival at school. They would rather be allowed to eat the smaller amount of what they got than have a lot of candy mom says no to. But this year, on our way home from IHOP, the boys saw the sign for the trunk or treat in the little community we live in and asked to go. So guess where we ended up. It’s funny, how things always end up turning out different when Dad is around. It’s usually for the better so I can’t complain. Anyways…we got there right at the end of the event so people were dumping handfuls of candy in the kid’s bags. Holy smokes at the candy. They looked like they robbed Walmart! I’m hoping a lot of it ends up in their Switch Jars. Each boy has a jar and they can choose to put candy in it. Once it goes in the jar it can’t be removed. Once their jars get full, the boys are allowed to shop for a small toy or book or whatever. They get a reward, they get the freedom of choice, and I don’t have to worry about them eating gobs of candy nor do I have to be the bad guy saying no to all the candy. It’s a win-win in our house. Mason’s jar usually fills up way quicker than Tuck’s. Imagine that.

We also had a group dinner with some of our sweet friends (the Lowmans, the Hyatts, and the Atkinsons) before we left. The kids loved getting to hang out together.

Love visiting family, especially this man right here. 92 and still going strong.

Like I said, normal life stuff but I didn’t want you to think we disappeared.

We will be back out on the road in just a few days with more adventures to share so just sit tight.

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