State #32 Florida Stop 6 of ?

We made it back to John Pennekamp State Park. The weather, although, hot and sunny was too windy for snorkeling. Trev spoke to the dive shop. They were only doing mangrove tours (no trips to the reef) and they would probably cancel the afternoon trips. The dive

shop said it looked like the same forecast for the next day too. Bummer.

So we decided to save the money since they weren’t going out to the coral reef. We will do that some other time. That just means another adventure for another day.

We had a pretty chill day at the camper with school and groceries.

The next day was move day again. The weather was beautiful. But before we left, for fun, we made some Christmas cookies- Oreo peppermint crunch. It was a great way to work with Tucker on units of measurement for a hands-on math lesson. Win-win.

After packing up and leaving our site at John Pennekamp, we drove through the Big Cypress Preserve and saw TONS of alligators in the water that runs along Hwy 41. Since we were hooked to the trailer we decided to stop at the visitor center another day this week. The boys were so pumped about seeing so many gators. I couldn’t get any good pictures as we were zooming past. They just turn out blurry but hopefully I’ll be able to get some when we go back.

But we did stop at the Post Office in Ochopee, FL. Why would I write about this you ask? Because it is the smallest post office in the United States. I love quirky Americana like this. It is a full service post office located literally in an old shed on the side of the road.

The postal clerk was very used to having his picture taken, as you can tell from his immediate pose. Apparently, they’re are lots of people like us who stop there just for the novelty of it.

It also used to function as a ticket station for a bus line so there was plenty of room for us to pull over with the camper. We took a picture of the sign so you could read about the history without me having to type it for you. You may call that lazy. I’m going to call it efficient.

The state park we are staying at is located in, what I just learned on the drive, one of the wealthiest cities in the US. But don’t worry about us, the state park is just $105 for four nights. Can’t beat that with a stick….or a tomahawk chop.

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