State #32 Florida Stop 8 of ?

We left Naples and headed north to Bradenton for an overnight stop at Lake Manatee State Park. The weather was rainy and since we were just there for the night we didn’t even unhook from the truck. That meant there wasn’t much to setting up the camper other than plugging in the power.

I really liked this little site. There was something cozy about it. I like having the sites craved out of the surrounding flora. The park feels like it’s in the middle of nowhere. We walked out to the lake but it started raining pretty good by that point so we headed back to the camper.

We met a sweet couple from Macon, GA while we were out walking. They had just picked up their new 5th wheel. They were really sweet, and being a proud new owner, they invited us in for a tour. They told us all about their delightful experience at Lazy Days Tampa.

I needed a refrigerator bar for the outdoor fridge anyway so the next day we pulled in. It only added an extra 8 minutes to our travel time and since it was an RV dealer, we knew there would be ample parking. It was a travel day which meant we were hooked up to the camper. We usually try to make as few stops as possible when we’re hitched up. I got my bar and we looked around at some 5th wheels. You know, since we were there. 😉

When we were originally shopping for an RV, we really liked two 5th wheels, each having some items we wish they would combine into one unit. Well, lo and behold, this year they combined those so we really like this model. Not sure if we would upgrade, as it means getting a different truck, but the extra room would be nice. That was part of the issue before. We just couldn’t get a good feeling about it. But now we feel much better about this new layout. Trev still wants to go out west in hotels instead of the camper. Although he likes this 5th wheel too, he doesn’t think we will be able finish the trip in time if we’re towing the camper. So I’m not sure if it’s worth trading so we’ll wait to make any of those decisions until this trip is over. The boys were begging to trade it all now and go out west in the camper.

After being married for over 16 years I know that if my hubby’s not ready, it ain’t happening. He analyzes everything so it takes him a while to process and decide. This drives me crazy! If I think it will work, I say let’s do it and get it over with. I like getting things done. I get things done but it might not always be the wisest decision. So I’ve come to realize I have to just wait. Trevor makes wonderfully wise decisions, most of the time, so it’s worth the wait even if I don’t want to wait.

But it was fun to look and it broke up our drive.

This “Weeki” we’ll “Wachee” to see if we see any mermaids and manatees and a Merry Christmas?!

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